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VSK - MrWickedstyle - The Weeknd (FullMix) [2019]

Discussion in 'Soca Mixed CDs' started by Sarwan Ganesh, Mar 16, 2019.

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    May 14, 2017
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    1.Intro Of The Weeknd (MrWickedstyle)
    2.Fast Wine Vs Shot & Wine Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    3.Freaky Gyal Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    4.Split In Di Middle Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    5.Wine Fu The Chismtmas Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    6.Ben Ova Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    7.Bless Me Baby Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    8.Movie Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    9.Replay Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    10.Intro Part 2 Of The Weeknd (MrWickedstyle)
    11.Dame Tu Cosita Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    12.Starships Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    13.Lanes Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    14.Everything Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    15.Sha Lala Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    16.Soul In Fire Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    17.Onto You Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    18.Low Life Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    19.Fefe Remix (MrWickedstyle)
    Enjoy All This Single Track Remix
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