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hungry sweet man

Discussion in 'Humor' started by rafeek, Mar 12, 2020.

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    Feb 22, 2020
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    there's a lady who is cheating on her husband .one day while they are having sex she hear's her husband pulls up on the drive way , her boy friend says " oh no " what should we do . she say's " hurry " get dressed and go into the living room .once there in the living room she starts to sprinkling baby powder all over him . he say's " what are you doing" she say's " i'm making you white like a statue . just stand in a pose . my husband will never know that you're real , because he's stupid. her husband comes in and see them and say's to her " what's that" she say's " well me and Mrs Johnson next door went shopping today . she has one just like it . i liked her's so much that she took me to get one ." he shrugs it off and went about his business . that night the boyfriend is still standing in the living room still posed , too afraid to escape . hears the husband walks in and pass him , open the fridge , pops open a beer and makes a sandwich . he then walks up to the boyfriend and hands him the beer and the sandwich and says" here , i was next door at Mrs Johnson house stuck in that position for two days and no one give me anything to eat

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